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    Virtualization of networks and services

    In many cases branch offices of companies need secured access to the resources of a parent company. NEWTECH-BT offers corporate solutions using latest technologies.


    Two CPE routers operate in parallel which increases the reliability of the service. Both use the service which avoids a single point of interruption. Using the specialized protocol VRRP (Virtual Redundant Router Protocol) one router works as a major operator and the second – as a backup. It is possible to simultaneously use both routers to increase bandwidth.
    Client benefits: connectivity both at network and service provider level.
    Taking into account the ever wider penetration of virtual IT services, the ability to implement flexible solutions using the latest technology, NEWEC-BT, as a partner and distributor of Oneaccess ( offers complete solutions for your business, using an open and flexible approach to NFV (Network Function Virtualization), a concept to deliver software virtualized networks that can provide choice and unrivaled flexibility for customers.
    Thus, Service Providers can choose from a wide range of compact networking features that combine in an open and flexible way to deliver new virtualized services either in the cloud or integrated into a number of cost-effective access platforms.

    Single OS "OneOS"

    OneOS6 delivers physical and virtual services that integrate the full support of NETCONF and YANG while retaining support for traditional CLI, TR-069 and SNMP provisioning and management protocols for seamless transition to OSS from next-generation systems.
    The end-to-end (CPE’s) range of open source hosting platforms called OVP (Open Virtualization Platform). With an elegant and immediate drag-and-drop feature, the service provider has the ability to test a prototype of its network chain by generating NDS’s (Network Service Descriptors).

    What are the benefits of OVP (Open Virtualization Platform):

    • 100% open hosting platform for VNF providers
    • All functionality modeled in YANG for seamless integration with service orchestras using NETCONF / YANG for service automation
    • Includes CLI support for gradual migration of management and operational support systems
    • The powerful graphical user interface (OVP Design Studio) allows you to create and unlock complex service chains for a short time
    • The pre-integrated platform (software + hardware) allows fast delivery of VNF services
    • Built-in corporate vRouter optimizes the use of local computing resources.

    Basic functions:

    • Create drag-and-drop service chains
    • Rapid prototyping tool
    • Integrated troubleshooters
    • Automatically generate NSD