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    System integration

    NEWTECH-BT offers a complete range of solutions to their customers. The aim is to offer the customers a complete product meeting initial requirements. Through analysis and systematic approach their highly experienced specialists offer innovation and opportunity to build a comprehensive product.

    Services cover the entire life cycle of a communication infrastructure including analysis, recommendations, design, software development, supply, installation, maintenance and training of the desired solution. Integration and optimization of existing systems and devices to achieve lower cost of ownership and rapid return of investments.

    Depending on the needs of the client and project implementation the company offers:

    Network convergence

    The globalisation of telecom markets, strong competition and technological boom in recent years gave a start of convergence of telecom networks and the creation of new generation networks (NGN).

    Call center solutions

    NEWTECH Call Centre System is own development company NEWTECH-BT as a result of long years of experience of spretsialistite company in the field of VoIP and telephony technologies.

    Specialized software development

    Developed by the company are specialized systems designed to meet specific business needs related to automation and optimization of business processes, automation of directory services and database integration.

    Communications connectivity

    NEWTECH-BT offers project delivery, installation and configuration of devices for the implementation of communication connectivity to the company clients.

    Servers and computer systems

    NEWTECH-BT offers computer systems and server configurations from world renowned leaders with reputable manufacturers warranty.

    Structured cabling systems (SCS)

    The proposed solutions for SCS are based on technologies and materials of world renowned leaders in this field.

    Consulting and training

    The company offers consulting services in the field of Information technologies designed to solve complex problems related to design, development, data access, security and optimization.

    All activities are controlled and meet the quality management standard ISO9001-2008 which guarantees customers high quality and functionality of all products and services.