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    NEWTECH Call Centre System is own development company NEWTECH-BT as a result of long years of experience of spretsialistite company in the field of VoIP and telephony technologies.

    NEWTECH Call Centre System is flexible telephony platform designed to distribute and manage incoming and outgoing phone calls service operator / and implementation of telephone information services with access to databases. The system is web based and requires no additional software installation on the workstations of the operators.

    Main features

    • Supports incoming and outgoing phone calls
    • Integration with BD, CRM and ERP
    • Voice mail, voice menu system
    • Call Record
    • SMS and e-mail alerts
    • High level of maintenance and customization
    • Entirely based on VoIP technology
    • Remote office support via the Internet

    Product applications

    • Alerting customers via incoming calls
    • Interviews by phone
    • Telemarketing
    • Fax sending, fax on demand
    • Automation of business processes
    • Business telephone directory
    • Conference calls
    • Voice and video mail

    Connectivity equipment

    • Telephone connection by ISDN PRI / BRI digital and analog lines.
    • Connectivity to mobile and alternative operators.
    • Direct connectivity to an IP communication operators with support of VoIP
    • Internet connectivity operation through the establishment of IPSec / VPN tunnel
    • NEWTECH Call Centre System enables users to select connectivity depending on the specific needs.
    • Support of different types of hardware and software phones

    Brief description

    NEWTECH Call Centre System consists of software modules which are activated depending on the specific needs and requirements of the client.

    All services are programmed through a web based interface supporting the following services:

    Voice menu include:

    • Greeting
    • Listing Service (press 1 for …, press 2 for ….)
    • Recognition of user command
    • Go to the selected service
    • Repeat in case of invalid command

    Connection with an operator include:

    • Operator groups
    • Looping operators: linear, even, …
    • Timers: waiting for response, next try
    • Music on hold
    • Periodically placing a voice message (“To leave a message, press 1”)
    • Alternative service

    Save a question include:

    • Profiles for record – where to store recordings, name format of the recording, storage time
    • End of a recording: silence, user command, maximum duration
    • Sending an incoming message signal to telephones

    Call router criteria for the choice of destination:

    • A-number
    • B-number
    • Weekday
    • Date
    • Hour

    Working time allows setting office hours of call centre

    IVR scripts – This module provides a mechanism through which the customer can program advanced telephony services, which include a BD connection, pronunciation of dates, numbers, amounts due, etc.

    “Conducting surveys” – This module enables Call Centre to be used to carry out sociological and marketing services. Interfaces are implemented with specialized software for data processing.

    Operator console – The module allows:

    • Project selection, review of project calls
    • Manual or automatical calls by the BD project
    • List of active and waiting calls
    • Interface which loads the project template


    • Flexible software platform tailored to the specific needs of the customer
    • Flexible interface for realization of various client applications
    • Maintenance of your own database or customer relationship
    • Exempt from license restrictions

    NEWTECH-BT as a partner of 3CX and Unify offers solutions that meet customer requirements according to the specific functionality required.