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    Intelligent office solutions

    NEWTECH-BT offers its clients intelligent office solutions based on the latest developments in automation, including full integration with existing client IP systems. Traditional automation solutions in the building management sector include a high level of technical capacity and cost. The system components require their own, separate cabling, the infrastructure and must be individually configured and serviced. NEWTECH-BT uses the concepts and know-how of its partners, adapting according to the project and the needs of the client.

    The concept of MICROSENS, which we adapt, is an open, IP-based, decentralized and scalable building management system. It can be fully integrated into the data network and enables interaction with a wide variety of sensors and drives. The Smart Office concept offers exceptional security, efficiency and flexibility. It can be adapted to individual requirements and can provide a much better level of consumer comfort and increased long-term productivity.

    Intelligent lighting

    The MICROSENS Smart Lighting System is a central component of the intelligent office concept. The MICROSENS switch applications control the LEDs through an IP network while delivering Power-over-Ethernet Plus (PoE +) power supply. Intelligent controllers, coupled with high-performance sensors, provide an independent, adaptive lighting management system, which can even turn off the lights in the areas at a time when they are not being used, i.e. can control the LED lights according to their needs. In this case, the energy consumption can be reduced to 80%.

    Decentralized concept

    The intelligent office is based on a decentralized infrastructure and a distributed network intelligence concept that MICROSENS has been pursuing for many years. Compared to traditional centralized approaches, this decentralized concept has proven to offer the following benefits:

    • Intelligent Office Solutions can be introduced step by step according to experience and tested “room by room” – without high initial investment
    • System planning and maintenance is easy
    • Consumers have rich functionality and many convenient features
    • The intelligent office is based on standardized communication protocols

    Sample Intelligent Office Architecture

    A great advantage of the Smart Office concept is its open, decentralized model. The system can first be used in one room only and can be used for planning and further development. The subsequent implementation of the system throughout the building can be done step by step – in accordance with general organizational conditions.

    The concept can also be successfully applied to Smart Home. Heater, electrical, security, and video surveillance systems can be assigned to the Intelligent Home system, which includes the Generation 6 microcontroller, Intelligent controller, Wireless Module switches, and Intelligent Sensor Series.

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