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    Convergence of networks

    The globalisation of telecom markets, strong competition and technological boom in recent years gave a start of convergence of telecom networks and the creation of new generation networks (NGN). Networks that enable data, voice and video. The existence of different types and functionality of their networks imposed uniformity using the more widely-established TCP/IP protocol. Access to the services of existing networks and use of multimedia applications imposed convergence of networks and services.

    NEWTEC BT specialists offer Internet Protocol-based solutions that enable significantly lower operating costs for services, complying with standards and preserving cabinets without exception.

    As a distributor and partner of Loop Telecom (www.looptelecom), NEWECT-BT offers its clients solutions such as: emulation of hired synchronous and asynchronous lines on Ethernet, using TDMoE products and solutions.


    • Reduced operating costs
    • Use of an existing IP / MAN network for controlled quality transmission
    • Low cost of ownership and a short time for return on investment
    • Support traffic prioritization

    Privacy and Security

    Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables significant cost efficiency towards telephone network architecture and reduces operating costs for maintenance. Some manufacturers offering cheap solutions and devices for VoIP traffic operate without encryption which might compromise the information security – this could be subject to hacker attacks or even information modification. Encryption standards such as SRTP and SIP TLS are good solutions, they encode/decode analog signal to digital. These standards are still under development and not standardized. Therefore the use of VoIP-over-VPN is a better solution for convergence and voice transfer in modern communication networks. Using Voice-over-VPN technology, NEWTECH-BT offers a reliable and secure way to transfer data and voice over Internet using SmartNode IPSec technology – Patton, SmartNode IPSec in combination with DES / AES creates encrypted VPN tunnel through which voice and data is transmitted over the Internet. Thus, users connected to the Internet can transmit/receive secure data and voice to an internal office and/or remote offices of a company . SmartNode IKE is enabling technology to increase data protection further by automatically generating an encryption key at predefined by the customer intervals of time.


    • Support of IPSec encryption 256 Bits of data and voice.
    • Support DES/3DES/AES encryption keys
    • Support for IKE
    • Support traffic prioritization

    The figure shows an example of building an encrypted VPN channel link between the offices.