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    The industrial solutions offered by NEWTECH-BT are high-tech, highly reliable and fault-resistant, ensuring process continuity, suitable for work in industrial environments characterized by high temperature, humidity and dustiness. The products meet all industry standards and are additionally certified to work in the rail, electrical, mining and chemical industries.

    The solutions we offer for railways and transport are distinguished by their easy operability, speed, reliability and security, which are important factors for the efficient and economical operation of rail systems and systems in the transportation sector. In order to achieve this goal and to reduce labor costs we optimize in day-to-day work in real time. Most of the industrial switch models are specifically certified for work in the railways.

    MICROSENS industrial gigabit ethernet switches are certified for use in railway applications. With this certification according to EN50121-4: 2006 (for stringent EMC requirements for electromagnetic immunity) and EN50125-3: 2003 (Temperature, climate resistance, vibration and impact), the devices can be used directly on the railway at a distance of 1 meter.

    Special models of industrial switches are certified for mining and power transmission.

    The optimization of proposed solutions is related to German standards and production.

    Companies that implement transport and traffic management projects can rely on the choice of communication and information technology, which is related to:

    • Future increase in data rates
    • High security requirements
    • Maximum accessibility
    • Meeting the growing demand for real-time data transmission
    • Presence of aggressive environment along transport routes, such as highways, tunnels, waterways, etc.

    The new ethernet solutions offered by NEWTECH-BT follow the trends developed by Microsens for guaranteed high shock and vibration resistance applied in the Microsens product range.
    In addition, the industry solutions we offer can be used as possible solutions for gathering information on the state of the environment to video surveillance of critical systems.
    By supporting ring structures at the optics and copper levels, we provide High Availability solutions with a switching time of > 25ms.
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