OneAccess One80M Award Wins Business Innovation Award, Microsens Introduces New PoE Injector Compatible With IEEE 802.3at High Power

OneAccess, the European market leader for multi-service routers together with Easynet Connect, an SME Internet connectivity specialist for the SME sector, has won the Global Innovation Awards 2011 at the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards. One80 Multi-service Access Router with its unique service performance mile provides a symmetrical bandwidth combined with innovative technology and a cost up to 50% below the leased line price of competing telecom operators. The service initially covers about 1200 Easynet connections.

Microsens introduced the 8G Fiber Channel Module. The module is compatible with the chassis of the Microsens and DWDM systems. Applies to connection between datacenters and Reserve implementation on SAN networks. The module comes with a fixed optical port with an LC connector, supports DWDM for 40/60/80 km. The module supports SNMP and is compatible with the Microsens NMP platform. Additionally, the DDM (Digital Diagnostics Monitoring) feature allows you to monitor the temperature of the optical emitters and the optical connection parameters. The module is orderable with product code MS430555M.

Passive CWDM Multiplexer of Microsens
Extremely cost-effective solution, located in a 19 “chassis with a height of 1U. The device works as MUX / DeMUX. It can be used for connectivity between routers, switches, SDH / SAN equipment with direct connection of different colors SFP / XSFP modules. Supported speeds range from 100Mbps to 10Gbps, regardless of the brand of end equipment.

New Microsens PoE injector, compliant with the IEEE 802.3at High Power standard
This injector is fully compatible with the PoE + standard. Supports 10/100 / 1000Mbps and power 24-48 Vdc. With a maximum power supply of 30W, the injector can directly power switches, APs for outdoor performance with heating element or PTZ cameras with motorized control. This PoE injector is specially designed for use in industrial networks with aggressive environments such as mines. It maintains an extended operating temperature range from – 40 to +75 ° C. Additionally, there is vibration and impact protection in an IP30 compliant metal box.