2N® Introduces 2N® NetSpeaker Audio Streaming System, Patton Announces TradeUp Program and New ISDN BRI Gates from SmartNode Series

Patton Electronics has announced its “TradeUp SmartNode Program”, which allows customers to upgrade their “VoIP Gateway or Integrated Access Device”. Patton provides up to $1295 for each Patton T1 / E1 PRI VoIP Gateway or Integrated Access Device back. http://www.patton.com/specials/index.asp?id=SC161

Microsoft Certified the SmartNode Media Gateways Series with MS-OCS (Office Communications Server) and IBM Lotus Sametime. http://www.patton.com/company/newsrelease.asp?id=1949

Smart Node 4120
Patton Electrinics Introduces New 1 & 2 BRI ISDN VoIP GW Series from Smart Node 4120 series. They will replace the S-DTA, SN4552, SN4554, SN4562 series.


Main differences between new and old models:

Gateway: New BRI models are only with Gateway functionality. Patton does not plan router feature support in the new SN4120 series.
New port combinations: The new BRI models support a single-port TE gateway and a dual-port NT ISDN BRI gateway.
High-Precision Clock: The dual-port SN-DTA also supports high precision clocks (<5ppm).
Fallback with Phantom Power: The new fallback port SN-DTAs offer an integrated power source that powers the connected ISDN device, even if the fallback line is turned off or not.
Model Numbers: The new SN-DTA models that replace S-DTA show clearer access to the Smart Node series.
2N® NetSpeaker system
2N has introduced the new 2N® NetSpeaker system. It is an IP Audio based system that allows acoustic communication or audio streaming from PC to LAN / WAN.

For audio transmission, you need a standard speaker or audio amplifier connected to 2N® NetSpeaker. This allows virtual video brackets to be implemented. 2N® NetSpeaker system allows you to create zones with different audio content. The product is convenient for schools, malls, office buildings, railway stations, airports, cultural centers and hospitals. http://www.2n.cz/en/products/communicators/ip-audio-system/netspeaker

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