Smart Radar Sensor

As a member of the MICROSENS Smart Building Solutions family, the Smart Radar Sensor
delivers data on environmental information to a MICROSENS Lighting Solutions Device.
The MICROSENS Smart Radar Sensor is designed to measure ambient light level, room
temperature and humidity, as well as to detect the motion and the presence of persons.
Connected to a Central Smart Lighting Controller a sensor network of up to 24 sensor can
be created. The collected sensor data are processed directly by the Smart Director App or
the MICROSESNE microRTS to control the room, for example to dim the lights. In addition,
the data can be visualized in the MICROSENS Smart Building Manager and made available
to other systems.
The Smart Sensor is designed for recessed ceiling mounting and can be connected to bus
lines with a length of up to 200 m to achieve a long range and a large area coverage.


  • Motion and Presence detection
  • Measurement of ambient light level, temperature and humidity
  • RGB LED to be used as indicator of sensor status
  • Data interface to all MICROSENS Lighting Controller
  • Optional Bluetooth Beacon
  • Powering through MICROSENS Lighting Controller