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SN5551/4BIS4JS8VHP/EUI SmartNode™EnterpriseSession Border Controller/IAD

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SmartNode eSBC, 4 BRI, 4 FXS, 8 VoIP Calls, 4 SIP Sessions (SIP b2b UA) (max. 256), 4 Transcoded SIP Sessions (max. 4), SIP-TLS, SRTP, High Precision 5ppm Clock, 2x Gig Ethernet, 1x USB port, external UI power (100–240 VAC) NA/EU

The SmartNode SN5550 Enterprise Session Border Controller bridges a wide range of IP-PBX products to their SIP Trunk service providers. With its built-in Security features such as SIP TLS, SRTP, Stateful Firewall and Secure provisioning, it protects the LAN networks from fraud strikes out of the Internet. Additionally it can terminate Broadband links for G.SHDSL, VDSL, ADSL or Fiber SFP.With a wide spectrum of functionalities supported by the SN5550, it can be used asan IP Router, Access Device, VoIP Gateway & Survivability node in addition to an eSBC with trans coding capabilities.The combo configuration of 2 BRI/2 FXS/2 FXO or 4 BRI/4 FXS/4 FXO, fits therequirements of small and medium sized enterprises requiring a solution to enable legacy equipment for VoIP networks.The unique WebWizard enables easy and hassle-free installations, and lets technical people create their own Web interface.With the separate config domain feature, the SN5550 will be the service demarcation point for SIP trunk service providers, so the local administrator only has to modify configuration settings facing the LAN IP-PB




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