Smart Sensor MS660102M

208.00 leva (BGN)


As a member of the MICROSENS Smart Building Solutions family, the Smart Sensor
delivers data on environmental information to a MICROSENS Smart Lighting Controller.
The MICROSENS Smart Sensor is designed to measure ambient light level, room
temperature and humidity, as well as to detect the presence of persons. As a required
component for MICROSENS Smart Office solutions the Smart Sensor is deployed to capture
and provide actual value data via a Smart Lighting Controller to the MICROSENS Smart
Director App. The Smart Director App is running on a MICROSENS G6 Switch.

The Smart Sensor will be mounted in the ceiling in direct near to a LED lamp. The sensor
data are indirectly transferred to the Smart Director via the Smart Lighting Controller of
the respective LED Lamp.

* Presence detection
* Measurement of ambient light level
* Measurement of temperature
* Measurement of humidity
* RGB LED to be used as indicator of sensor status
* Data interface to Smart Lighting Controller
* Powering through Smart Lighting Controller
* Plug and play