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MS660114M – Smart I/O Controller for digital signals

692.00 leva (BGN)


The MICROSENS Smart I/O Controller is designed to both collect sensor signals as well to
drive and control automation actors. Typical areas of application are intelligent control and
automation of electrical devices and actors for building automation.
Multiple Smart I/O Controllers are managed by the MICROSENS Smart Director App which
is running on a MICROSENS G6 device. The sensor data are transferred via the network
from the Smart I/O Controller to the Smart Director App which again sends control data to
the Smart I/O Controllers output ports.
The Smart I/O Controller provides input and output ports for digital signals.
As a member of the MICROSENS Smart Building Solutions Family, the Smart I/O Controller
is an IP networking device which is supplied through the IT network with Power-over-
Ethernet voltage (PoE+).


  • 10x digital input and 8x digital output port
  • 1x 24 VDC power output for sensor / actor supply
  • MQTT integrated (publish & subscribe)
  • Bivalent power input via PoE+ (PD) or external 24 VDC input
  • Firmware interface to MICROSENS Smart Director App
  • LEDs for input / output monitoring
  • 1x Fast Ethernet network interface