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OneCell35 3G WiFi Router

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The ONECell35, a fast connection and flexible carrier-grade mobile access router, provides users with high-speed mobile network and VPN connectivity for all their Ethernet and WiFi devices. With download speeds of up to 7MB/s, ONECell35 provides an excellent alternative to
fixed data communication such as ISDN, leased lines or even broadband access.The combined advantages of high-speed wireless access network (UMTS, HSPDA,HSUPA, LTE) for fast and secure Internet and VPN Access, provide operators with unique opportunities both to grow their customer base and to meet increasingly stringent business customer Service Level Agreements.

They can be used to access to  the Internet in places without the necessary infrastructure, as well for continuous remote monitoring and control, such as solar and wind farms or objects in need of continuous video surveillance.

Conditions :

The offered devices are Preowned, fully operational and have passed all factory tests. They come with the latest version of the operating system OneOS35.

Warranty :  3 mounts. More information can be found on the attached datasheet.