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MS652119PM Industrial modular switch

3,700.00 leva (BGN)

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The new Profi Line Modular switches from MICROSENS offer top performance and flexibility in confined spaces.
The modular design of the Profi Line Modular switches enables expansions taDescriptionilored to needs, which limits theinitial investment to the minimum necessary.Even the basic switch module offers thirteen gigabitports, of which four, as combo ports, can be expanded
to fiber optic connections. Despite its space-saving design, it has two alarm inputs/outputs, for example for cabinet monitoring or integrating a sensor/actuator. The copper ports offer PoE/PoE+ with which the terminaldevices connected can be supplied with electricity economically and without additional cabling work. The switches themselves can also work without their own power supply, supplied via PoE/PoE+ as powered devices.
For maximum scalability, expansion modules with six or twelve Gigabit Ethernet ports are available that can simply be connected on the side to match demand. The expansion modules also have gigabit combo ports with which an impressive number of fiber optic connections
can be achieved economically and in relation to usage.Properties Gigabit performance with Energy-Efficient Ethernet Power-over-Ethernet+ (802.3at),maximum of 30 W per port
Extended temperature range.Compact metal housing for DIN rail assembly
Robust design, extension modules available.Redundant power inputs
Linux kernel, open standards, long-term availability.SD card for firmware and configuration.Fault tolerance with minimum recovery times