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LigoPTP 5-23 RapidFire Outdoor Wireless Point-to-Point Bridge

1,685.00 leva (BGN)

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Outstanding capacity

RapidFire delivers an extremely high 700 Mbps throughput via its unique and powerful RF design that supports up
to 256QAM modulation and 31 dBi output power. Our proprietary W-Jet V protocol, specifically engineered for high
performing PTP scenarios, minimizes interferences even across long distances and stabilizes latency within 2-4 ms.

Professional design

In addition to achieving maximum performance, LigoWave focuses on delivering flexibility and ease-of-use in our
RapidFire series. The robust mounting bracket enables rapid deployment of the links and ensures survivability during
high wind-load. The integrated antenna possesses a 45° rotation option which increases installation flexibility; especially
advantageous in noisy spectrum areas. A GORE© membrane vent allows fast pressure equalization of the IP-67 rated
cast aluminum enclosure to prevent condensation and to ensure seal performance . A detachable handle eases
transporting the devices up towers and over rough terrains. Newly designed RGB LEDs indicate different device statuses
and signal levels (in 1dBm steps) when aligning the antenna.