Gigabit Ethernet Medical Micro Switch G6 (6-Port)

MICROSENS proudly presents the Medical Micro Switch − an innovative new version of the
company’s tried-and-tested Generation 6 Micro Switch series for Fiber To The Office (FTTO)
networks. The MICROSENS Medical Micro Switch caters for the very special
demands placed on patient protection − the ideal solution for running networks in medical
The freely-accessible network ports of the MICROSENS Medical Micro Switch are equipped
with special, galvanically-isolated transformers.
The minimum distance between the primary and secondary connectors is 8 mm.
Due to their minimum dielectric strength of 4,000 volts and 2x MOPP insulation resistance in compliance with IEC/EN 60601-1, the insulators effectively prevent endangerment of both patients and medical personnel in the case of a failure or voltage flashover.

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