EKINOPS OTN Transport Switch Chassis

21 RU modular OTN switch with 12 service module slots, non-blocking cell-based switch fabric and redundant management modules. 2.88 Tbps switching capacity scalable to 6 Tbps.

  • High density switching capacity scalable from 2.88Tbps to 6 Tbps
  • High line card slot capacity scalable from 240Gbps to 500Gbps per slot
  • ODUk circuit switching (ODU0/1/2/2e/3/4/Flex)
  • Improves spectral resource optimization
  • OTN management system integrated with Celestis NMS for transport
  • Multi-service traffic grooming (Ethernet, FC, SONET/SDH, OTUk)
  • Integrated DWDM Transport: Coherent interfaces with FEC
  • Transparent transport of different client signals
  • Low Latency (<100 μs)
  • High availability
  • GFEC support (OTU2/2e and OTU4)
  • Service SNCP protection (1+1)
  • Restoration (1+R)
  • SDN Ready Platform—NETCONF (YANG model) and ConfD