LigoWave NFT Blizzard 2ac-90 Lite

LigoWave present NFT Blizzard 2ac-90 Lite. The 2ac-90 Lite is made for cost-effective SMB hot spot applications, including a variety of outdoor applications like hospitality, retail, public Wi-Fi, ports & marinas, residential areas & campgrounds. It comes equipped with an integrated dual-polarized 2.4/5GHz sector antenna, 4kV line-to-ground & 2kV line-to-line surge protection, IP66 ingress protection, boasting 25dBm of transmit power & over a gigabit of throughput. Deployment & management is made simple with the Infinity Controller, which features automated provisioning, guest access, client statistics, Simple Roaming, Easy Mesh, among a variety of other functionalities. Interested in LigoWave’s solutions? Learn more at & get in touch with our distributor for Bulgaria –