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ZoneDirector 1200 WiFi controller

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ZoneDirector 1200, licensed for up to 5 Ruckus Access Points.  ZD1200 can be upgraded to support up to 75 APs with AP license upgrades if using software release pre ZD10.0 . If using software ZD10.0 and above, ZD1200 can be upgraded to support up to 150 APs with license upgrades.

• Thin desktop footprint
• Easy discovery from PC using UPnP
• Manage multiple locations and ZoneDirectors with FlexMaster
• Two 1000 Mbps ports for full redundancy
• Lifetime warranty coverage
• Central control and configuration of up to 75 ZoneFlex APs
• Support for 256 WLANs
• Integrated DHCP server
• Easy-to-use setup wizard
• Ultra-intuitive GUI
• 1+1 redundancy with auto synchronization
• 802.11ac ready
• Application recognition and controls
• VLAN pooling
• Smart Mesh Networking control and monitoring
• Real-time client admission control
• Load balancing
• Customizable dashboard
• Dynamic RF channel and power management
• Quality of service with WLAN prioritization, band steering* and
airtime fairness
• Integrated captive portal
• Native ActiveDirectory/RADIUS/LDAP support
• Local authentication database
• Dynamic VLAN assignment
• Guest networking
• Dynamic generation of unique Pre-Shared Keys
• Rogue AP detection and graphical map view
• Hotspot authentication using WISPr
• WISPr Smart Client Support
• Performance monitoring and statistics
• Limited lifetime warrant



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